About us windows replacementIf you are considering replacing your existing windows and doors with more energy efficient windows or door, upgrading to premier windows or door or just simply considering adding a new window or door, then you’ve come to the right place to get off to a great start.

We offer you helpful information backed by years of experience in home renovations as well as window and door installation.

To get started, you first need to set your goals and your budget and stick to both.  This means being honest with yourself about what your do-it-yourself limits are.  If you have never installed a window or door before, then consider hiring a professional to do either the entire project or one who is willing to work alongside you.  You can install a million doors and two million windows and still run into problems.

Every repair, maintenance, and renovation project comes with its own quarks, problems, and demands, which is why remodeling contractors charge so much for their work.  Contractors know how to correct the problems, work with the demands, and figure out the quarks.  This is why there is nothing wrong with farming out projects that you do not have the time to complete or the skills to accomplish.

If you have the skills to install your windows or doors, then you need to practice good safety habits to stay injury free.


  • Allow enough time to take breaks, as nothing will put you more at risk of an injury than frustration and fatigue.
  • Keep your workspace clutter free.
  • Wear safety gear including gloves, safety glasses, and toed shoes, flip-flops and sandals have no place when you are working with power tools.
  • Protect your lungs by wearing a respirator or a high-quality dust mask if you will be doing any demolition work during your renovation.  You will also what to wear a respirator or a high-quality dust mask when sawing, sanding, or working with insulation.
  • If you use a ladder, make sure that it is in good shape.  If possible, it is always best to work using a platform.
  • Lastly, make sure that you have all of your supplies before you start your project, as having to stop in the middle to make a quick run to your local home improvement store is always an irritant.  Therefore, make a list of all the materials and tools needed before you start your project.


The articles on this website will help you understand the many different types of windows and doors as well as the numerous styles available to you.  We will also explain the pros and cons of the different materials that are used in windows and doors.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of information available on the internet related to the window and door industry, as it is our belief that the best consumers are those who are well informed.

Here you will find a source of information from installing windows and doors to purchasing information as well as how to choose a window and door contractor that is right for you and your wallet.