In the past, vinyl framed windows were considered unflattering and cheap when compared to wood, but the good news is that a lot of technology advancements have been made which means that the vinyl frames currently produced are more energy efficient compared to aluminum or wood.

On top of that, they also look much better. But given the fact there are many physically inferior and cheap window frames on the market today, there are many things you should consider in order to make sure you get the best bang for your money when planning on buying replacement windows.

The Main Characteristics Of Good Vinyl Windows

Choosing Best Vinyl Replacement Windows Step by StepVinyl window frames are made from PVC which is a type of plastic used in electrical tape and plumbing. Many pigments, plasticizers, but also fillers and chemicals are used to make PVC and they can all be ordered in various grades of quality. Keep in mind though that if you want higher quality vinyl, then you need to be ready to pay for it. To make sure you get the best quality vinyl, make sure it doesn’t have a bluish tint to it.

On the other hand, some manufacturers intentionally add this tint to their products, since, surprisingly, many customers like the look it gives to the replacement windows. But if you want to be 100% sure the windows you purchase are of great quality, make sure they are certified by the AAMA.

Frame Construction

The more chambers a frame has, the higher the quality of the windows. You should also get windows that had their frames assembled using welding instead of caulk, brackets or screws. Since they’re welded, they won’t warp or deform in any way from the sun’s heat. For even more durability, make sure to get windows that feature balanced systems and reinforced meeting rails.


Vinyl casement windowYour home is the one that mainly dictates the type of vinyl windows you should get. Therefore, if you think you can’t decide on your, you may want to ask an interior designer’s opinion on this. Keep in mind though that if you choose the wrong windows, they can make it hard to eventually sell your home, since the wrong windows can make it look unappealing. The good news is that vinyl windows can be custom made in any color you want, so matching your home’s paint color won’t be a problem.


Last but not least, consider the glass quality and its insulating properties which are generally known as the R-value. According to info from the ASHRAE, the larger the R value, the more energy you’ll be able to save. Great R-values range from point nine to 3.0 so anything between these numbers makes for a great replacement window that helps you save a lot of money on your energy bills. Good luck getting the right ones for your needs and budget.