Performing vinyl replacement window installation in Chicago may seem complicated at first, but as you’ll learn in the paragraphs below, this is very simple to consider and it doesn’t take much time either.
In fact, a lot of these windows are made for a simple install, so removing and replacing them with new ones is a piece of cake. So with no further introduction, let’s see how you can install vinyl replacement windows in 8 simple steps.

The weather could be a factor, especially when living in a Northern half of the United states but if you decide to perform that work on your own you can pick a nice day for the project.

  1. Determine The Size Of Your New Vinyl Windows

To know how large the new vinyl windows how to be, you should first of all remove the trim of the window that’s already installed. Next, use measuring tape to measure the width and height of the casing, but make sure you don’t remove the window from the casing just yet. After you measure it, you should order the windows from your chosen supplier.

  1. Get Rid Of The Old Windows

remove old window firstOnce your new windows are delivered, you should carefully go ahead and remove the interior and exterior trim around them. Keep in mind that you’ll need to carefully lift up the window pane until you’ll see a screw hole on the side. If the window you’re replacing is old and is nailed, you should cut it with a reciprocating saw.

  1. Cleaning The Window Casing

After the old window has been cut, you’ll be able to have a better look at the casing. Make sure that you inspect the wood framing in the window casing to ensure it’s in great condition. If it’s not, then unfortunately you’ll need to replace it. You’ll also see there is insulation and caulking on it, so scrape them away carefully so that you don’t damage anything. If you find any screws or nails that were broken after you removed the window, make sure to discard them.

  1. Caulk the Window Casing

After you’ve properly cleaned the casing, you’ll need to consider laying a bead of silicone (make sure it’s thick enough) around the casement where you’ll place the new window.

  1. Installing, Centering, and Leveling the New Window

install replacement window and doors
The new window now needs to be lifted up into the opening and properly centered in place. Next, you should put a level on it so you know exactly where the shims need to go. Use a screw in the upper right corner and check it for level and plumb. After that, you should consider driving the shims in around the window until it’s perfect.

  1. Finish Securing the Window

On each side of the window there will be 4 different screw holes. Three inch screws should be used to secure the window. Next, in order to ensure they’re flush with the window casing, cut off the ends of the shims.

Finishing window installation

  1. Insulate the Window

Around the windows’ edges where there are cracks, you should spray foam insulation. However, don’t overdo it, since it can expand too much and warp the window.

  1. Finish With Trim and Caulking

The last step involves applying a thin bead of caulking on the window and carefully spreading it out flat. The trim boards should be placed on the interior as well on the exterior.

If this is all too much and you’d prefer to have a professional window contractor do this job for you in Chicago you can contact EDMAR Contractors at for more information.