Window and Door Installations, Home Renovations and Repairs

Providing important facts and advice on how you can make an informed
decision when choosing the right type and style of replacement window
and / or door to meet you and your family’s needs, lifestyle and budget!

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It is our hope that the following information will provide valuable answers to your questions about replacement windows and doors. We want to assist you in making the best decision when choosing the right type and style of window or door to meet your family’s personal and financial needs.

Adding a new window or door can dramatically change the appearance of your home both on the inside as well as on the outside. Windows and doors are architectural elements that will enhance the appearance of your home as well as increase your home’s value. This is why door and window installation are ranked second behind kitchen and bathroom remodeling when it comes to home renovation projects.

Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling your existing home, windows have a huge impact not only in your home’s appearance, but the energy efficiency of your home as well. Therefore, before you purchase your new replacement windows and doors, you first must consider the purpose they will serve.

Windows generally have two purposes. They allow in natural light and they are used for ventilation. They are available in an extraordinary range of shapes, sizes, and materials all using energy-efficient glazing. Windows also come in a variety of styles that can be opened by sliding the windows up or down, as well as from side to side. Some windows are hinged for easy cleaning.

If you are changing your windows without changing the size of the rough opening, then you can choose from many different types of mounting and grill (strips of wood or metal that separate and hold glass panes in a window) patterns. However, if you are changing the size of your windows, then you will quickly discover that your options are almost overwhelming.
Doors also have two main purposes. They act as your first line of defense against the outside and they partition off areas. Doors can also be used to allow natural light into a room and ventilation such as installing French doors that lead out onto a patio, deck, porch, or garden area.

Having a beautiful front entry door has always been synonymous with curb appeal, especially if you are in the process of selling your home. On the inside of your home, doors can be fantastic problem solvers, such as bi-fold, sliding, and pocket doors are great space-savers.

Like windows, doors are available in an extraordinary range of materials as well as price ranges.