The Good and The Bad About Vinyl Replacement Windows

When you think about the right replacement windows for your home and see the many types available on the market, deciding on one can be very hard. But if that’s the situation you’re currently confronting and you have no idea what to look for in such widows, then don’t worry about it. In the paragraphs below we’re going to take a better look at some of the main pros and cons you need to be on the lookout for before purchasing replacement windows.

Pro No.1 

If you don’t like to consider maintenance for your windows, then you’ll be glad to know vinyl windows don’t have to be stained or painted on the outside or inside. This means that the color is the same regardless if you’re on the inside or on the outside and it’s going to stay the same as long as you have them.

Con No. 1

In the event you expose these windows to high heat, they will begin to melt and eventually warp. However, this is very unlikely to happen unless you’re the type who makes campfires in his living room.

Pro No. 2

There are many types of vinyl windows you can consider compared to wood or aluminum windows. Awning style, casements, but also double hung and single hung are all available to you if you decide to get vinyl windows.

Con No. 2

Compared to aluminum or wood windows, vinyl windows have thicker sashes and frames. What this means is that the total amount of visible glass will be slightly reduced since the borders around it are a bit wider.

Pro No. 3

Since they provide extra insulation to the seams, the thicker frames we talked about earlier greatly improve energy efficiency. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this will help reduce your energy bill by up to fifteen percent.

Con No. 3

Vinyl windows cannot be disguised in the same way you’d disguise wood or aluminum. What this means is that if you’re planning on restoring an older property and want to preserve its authenticity, then these types of windows may not be the best choice to consider.

All in all, there’s no doubt vinyl windows are quite popular these days. Not only do they require low maintenance, but they’re also weather resistant, are very durable in general and provide great energy efficiency. Because of that, they make for the perfect choice for the majority of homeowners who are looking for great looking and high quality replacement windows.